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The Flummox Aruba Kite surfing School

Aruba Kite Surfing School Back To Business!

Hello prospective clients,

We are back again to business & we are more than ever ready to teach you about all the kite surfing techniques that you need to know. Though our lessons would be mainly for beginners, we have more advanced stuff for experienced surfers.

In the beginners course you will learn how to master the wind. You will be taught the basic skills first on land and then you will be allowed to venture in the sea. Your instructor will show you how to keep yourself safe; set up & manage the trainer kite. The requirement for a beginner is very much a good health & swimming ability.

At a higher level, we get you wet in the water. We show you how to probe the power of the wind. You also learn to restart your kite in the water & self rescue. At the more advance level, we show you jumps & how to self-land safely!